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Simple Up CL

Simple Up CL

nooit meer val-incidenten met de Simple up CL®
Breng uw patiënt moeiteloos op elke gewenste werkhoogte voor knieopname, enkelopname, het maken van röntgenfoto's en veel andere behandelingen



Diverse accessoires en toepassingen voor de Simple Up CL.

Prevent incidents with Simple Up. Simple Up allows you to lift your patient easily and safely to make all kinds of x-rays of the lower limbs. Works safe and efficient.

Safe and Efficient

Do away with steps and stools. Simple Up is a platform that shows you a green light when it has locked its wheels. You will prudently lift the patient by pressing one key. The patient is holding the hand rails and will be reassured and feels safe. After having made the X-ray press the down key until the green light is lit again. The patient can now step down safely.

Better for your employees, Safer for your patients

The Simple Up allows you to lift your patient stepless, easily and safely to the best height to make load – bearing x-rays of lower limbs and standing long legs. Simple Up has a very low step up height helping you to prevent patients falls. It ofes unrestricted patient movement, flexible patient positioning, is safe and improves ergonomics for staff.


Simple Up allows you to work conform EU laws regarding manual handling and to comply with national Health and Safety requirements. Simple Up is a Class 1 medical device in conformity with the Medical Devices Directory 93/42/EC with registration #NL-CA-002-2012-25320 by the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Meet our team

Albert Kramer

Albert Kramer


What others say

Hear from the users how Simple the Up is!
Funs Schlangen - Zuyderland Ziekenhuis

Funs Schlangen - Zuyderland Ziekenhuis


“ Why should we and the patients take risks? The Simple Up is a fantastic improvement of our department for orthopedic admissions with taxed admissions. By working with the Simple Up, the stairs and steps that are too low are a thing of the past. Hospital safety is very important and luckily more and better is being looked at.”

Uit Gamma Nieuws (NVMBR)

Uit Gamma Nieuws (NVMBR)

Only winners

"The patient is optimally protected. The plateau can be raised to a height of 73 cm. This even makes it possible to slide a wheelchair patient out of the wheelchair onto the platform. It couldn't be better. And the lab technician no longer needs to lift or stoop for support. The knife really cuts both ways in this case.”


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